Happily Ever Stephens | Punta Cana Wedding Photography

Last spring, I had the honor of photographing an engagement session for one of the most genuinely in love couples I know. More recently, I was able to witness them tie the knot in beautiful Punta Cana, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the images I captured for them throughout their special day.

Amybeth and Greg exchanged their vows right on the beach, and the weather was perfect: sun shining with a cool ocean breeze. And, with nearly 70 family and friends by their sides to share the moment with them — excluding the couple dozen, vacationing onlookers who couldn’t help but watch as well — it goes without saying that we all felt the love that these two share.

Thank you both for letting me be a part of it! Here are some of my favorites:

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  1. AmyBeth
     ·  Reply

    Absolutely LOVE all of the photos and bonus blog! You are such an amazing photographer and we look forward to passing along your amazing website/blog to anyone looking for quality photos.


    AmyBeth & Greg Stephens

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