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Let’s rewind: it’s 2010,  and after meeting a few times through mutual friends, Greg finally got the nerve to ask AmyBeth on their very first date. As they both worked or lived in the city, they headed to the White Horse in Allston for dinner and drinks, and then proceeded to Big City to play some pool and foosball before calling it a night. He beat her at foosball, but she schooled him in pool — although to this day, he still claims he let her win. 

Fast forward: it’s 2014, and these two lovebirds are now planning their wedding! When I spoke to AmyBeth about locations for their engagement session, I asked her if any place sentimental came to mind. After chatting a bit, we agreed that reliving their first date would be just perfect. I mean, if a guy can admit he listens to Justin Bieber the first time he takes a girl out, he must be a keeper, right? Luckily for Greg, AmyBeth sure thought so.

Working with these two was truly enjoyable, and I couldn’t be more pleased that we were able to make this shoot happen — we were not just in the bar as their first date, but we managed to shoot at the exact table. How cool is that?

They really compliment each other so well, and as I’ve known AmyBeth since grade school, I couldn’t be happier to see that she’s found her match. I can’t wait for the wedding next January — Punta Cana, here we come!

Here are a few of my favorites:

AmyGreg01 AmyGreg03 AmyGreg04 AmyGreg05 AmyGreg06 AmyGreg09 AmyGreg12 AmyGreg13 AmyGreg14 AmyGreg17 AmyGreg20 AmyGreg22 AmyGreg24

3 thoughts on “Amybeth + Greg | Engagement Photography”

  1. AmyBeth
     ·  Reply

    I am absolutely in LOVE with how amazing this came out! The photos, the story, the blog – all of it! You are so talented and we had so much fun shooting with you. We can’t wait to share these with our children some day 🙂 Thanks for these memories and for your friendship all these years <3

    • Jenna Burpee
       ·  Reply

      Aw, that makes me SO happy to hear. One of my favorite parts about photography is that it truly captures moments for these reasons. Thank you guys for being so great to work with — and for the food and drinks, of course! You spoiled me. 🙂

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