Ryan + Cathryn | Intimate Home Wedding Photography

This wedding is near and dear to my heart, as the groom has been like family to me since before I could even walk. After years of devotion to one another, I was so truly honored when Ryan and Cathryn, his beautiful bride-to-be, asked me to capture their special day for them.

We first took a quick 20-minute trip to Horn Pond, which is where Ryan proposed to Cathryn back in November. While it was pretty much freezing outside, they were troopers and we were able to snag a few nice shots of where their marriage journey officially began.

They tied the knot at his parents home in Burlington later that afternoon. We made our way to the house, and after cocktails were mixed and hors d’oeuvres were passed, it was time for the ceremony. They had a short but sweet exchange of vows, and were surrounded by roughly 20-25 family members and their closest friends. It was such a romantic, intimate setting, and the love you could feel in the room was nothing short of amazing.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day! I am so incredibly happy for you both. Here are some of my favorite shots:

ArringtonWedding_01 ArringtonWedding_02 ArringtonWedding_03 ArringtonWedding_04 ArringtonWedding_05 ArringtonWedding_06 ArringtonWedding_07 ArringtonWedding_08 ArringtonWedding_09 ArringtonWedding_10 ArringtonWedding_11 ArringtonWedding_12 ArringtonWedding_13 ArringtonWedding_14 ArringtonWedding_15 ArringtonWedding_16 ArringtonWedding_17 ArringtonWedding_18 ArringtonWedding_19 ArringtonWedding_20 ArringtonWedding_21 ArringtonWedding_22 ArringtonWedding_23 ArringtonWedding_24 ArringtonWedding_25


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