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It’s been quite an exciting year for my family since two of my sisters each brought a new addition into the world just over two weeks apart. Once Alexandra and Zachary were both born, I did what any normal, proud auntie would do: placed them comfortably in baskets, showered them in “props” and photographed them! 

Miss Alexandra Grace was born first in late September. Shockingly she started her entrance into the world just hours after the baby shower…two weeks early! Talk about perfect timing. It’s been some time since there has been a baby girl in our family, so of course I had to take full advantage. My sister, Patti, and I thought it’d be adorable to dress her up in pearls and cute headbands, courtesy of yours truly.

Then, just over a week into October, Zachary Michael joined the party as well. My sister, Kerry, did not find out the gender, so it was exciting to enter the hospital room to find out if I had another niece or nephew. I especially love this photo that my oldest niece captured during my “it’s a boy!” moment, because if you look closely, you’ll notice there is no baby in that bassinet! We went with some festive pumpkins and handmade hats to up the cuteness ante just a bit.

Alex and Zack will grow up to be best buds, and I’m happy to have taken these photos so they can share laughs about what their moms and auntie put them through as newborns.

Here are my favorites:

Alex01 Alex10 Alex17 Alex20 Alex26 Alex33 Zack02 Zack07 Zack03 Zack17 Zack09 Zack12


2 thoughts on “Alex + Zack | Newborn Photography”

  1. Kerry
     ·  Reply

    Love these….especially the one of Zack yawning!! My kids are happy to be your photo subjects anytime!! 🙂

  2. Patti
     ·  Reply

    We had so much fun at our photoshoot! Our favorite pictures have already been ordered and will be framed around our home for a lifetime. My family absolutely adores each picture!

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