A Mother’s Day Tribute

As you may already know, I’ll be an auntie again — times TWO —  this fall. I certainly look forward to having a few more nieces/nephews to spoil, but more importantly, I’m excited to witness two of my sisters bring new lives into the world. Due less than 10 days apart, October is going to be a very exciting time for our families.

I’d like to take a moment to express how proud I am to have such strong, caring and amazing sisters. I feel lucky to not only call them my sisters, but also my best friends — and two of the most wonderful moms/moms-to-be in the world.

It comes as no surprise, as we’ve been raised by quite the Super-Mom ourselves.

That being said, the mustache jokes will never get old, and I couldn’t resist getting these Mother’s Day gifts the second I saw them…three months ago.

Happy Mother’s Day, sisters and mom! Love you!



All of the girls! From left to right: mom, me, sister, sister, niece, sister. So grateful.

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