4 Essential Photo Apps Every PR Pro Should Have

With more than a billion smartphone users worldwide, the number of photos taken each day is mind-boggling. People take pictures of friends on nights out on the town, snap quick shots of their picture-perfect meals or funny things they encounter in their daily lives, and then easily post them to any number of social channels.

The quality of the cameras built into smartphones continues to improve by leaps and bounds, enabling even the most inexperienced of users to take some great looking photos. While you certainly can’t replace the training, talent and discerning eye of a skilled photographer, PR pros can use their smartphones to capture compelling images for visual storytelling on client blogs, social media channels and more. We’ve come a long way from the days of Polaroids and disposable cameras. 

As a photographer myself, I’ve spent quite some time browsing the iOS App Store to determine the most useful apps to enhance my photos. Here’s a list of the top four apps I suggest every iPhone photographer and PR pro should take advantage of.

1. Collect

We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect. What better way to sharpen your photography skills than to take a photo every day? Collect allows you to upload daily images to multiple calendars, add notes for each image and create printable and sharable monthly collages. And don’t worry, there’s a built-in reminder to keep you motivated to complete this photo-a-day challenge!

2. VSCO Cam

Now that you’re taking photos regularly, it’s time to spice them up. As the runner-up in the app store’s best of 2013, VSCO Cam is a must-have for every smartphone photographer. Providing a wide range of options to enhance your photos, this app is easy to use and generates images you’ll be proud to share. Whether you choose to use pre-made filters or edit manually using the advanced tools, your photos will stand out from the rest with the help of this app.

3. Camera Bag 2

There are so many photo apps to choose from, but what makes Camera Bag 2 worth a try is just how much it offers. I’m a firm believer in “quality not quantity,” but why can’t you have both? With over 20 frames and 60+ filters, you’re bound to find the perfect look for any occasion. This app even allows you to customize and save your own filters, giving you that personal touch.

4. Instagram

You’ve mastered the art of smartphone photography. Now it’s time to share your work! Experiment with filters, post to your feed and take advantage of the share settings to reach multiple platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. As the popularity of social media continues to grow, Instagram is a necessity for the smartphone photographer.

There are countless photo apps available to you, and these are just a few that I’ve found and enjoyed. See for yourself, and happy photo-taking!

Originally post can be found on the March Communications blog, PRNonsense, by clicking here.

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