You’re In My Heart; You’re In My Soul

February is usually a hard month for me. Another year: today would mark my dad’s 59th birthday if he were still here, and while I miss him every day, I know that he’d want nothing more than for me to stay positive when I think of him. Come to think of it, he’d be expecting my “happy birthday” call any minute now. You know, the one where I sing to him, and he proceeds to ask for an encore – as he always did for me on my birthday.  I certainly got my sense of humor from him.

Thinking back, there are a handful of memories that can always bring a smile to my face.  To highlight a few, I miss his “throughout the land” soup and sauce, and how he was convinced they were truly the best recipes ever created. Side note: I can vouch for that; I’m still bummed that we never stole the recipes!

Thanks to him, I attended my very first *NSYNC concert, and as we all know, that was pretty much the most amazing gift a preteen could ever receive. In fact, I’m still crossing my fingers for a reunion tour, but I digress…

I remember Sunday’s with dad and feeding the ducks; double-decker PB&Js; “Fievel Goes West;” his love for Jay Leno and Cops.  Above all things, though, his ability to make me laugh is what I miss the most.

Though there’s so much I wish he were here to witness me accomplish, I continue to push forward because that’s what he’d want for me. He was proud to be my father, and while I may not be the most religious or spiritual person, I’ve definitely felt his presence on certain occasions as a reminder that he’s thinking of me.

In life, we take for granted those we think will always be around. If I’ve learned anything from my tragic loss, it would be this: life really is too short. As I got older, my relationship with my dad grew stronger.  I was lucky enough to speak to him the night before he passed, and I am so thankful for that. It was a conversation I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

So I’ll leave you with this video. While it may not be a birthday song, I know he’d much prefer Rod Stewart to celebrate his birthday, anyway.  After all, his taste in music was passed onto me as well. Unconfirmed, but I may be one of the few 20-something females that genuinely enjoy Rod Stewart.

Yeah, one more time.

Happy birthday, dad. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.

2 thoughts on “You’re In My Heart; You’re In My Soul”

  1. Janice Burpee
     ·  Reply

    I’ve never read an article that I smiled from beginning to end like I did with this one. Thank you Jenna for sharing your father’s memory with us. It made my heart feel good that you wrote this with humor, because that was your Dad’s biggest virtue.

    You, Brian, Kerry and Courtney were much too young to lose a Dad. I was much too young to lose my brother. And the people in his world surely miss his hilarious antics as much as we do.

    I know that he is happy that you think of him often. And I am sure that he wants me to remind you that he is with you always. You ain’t getting rid of him that easy. (ha) Picture him with a halo on his head, and large white sparkling wings, as I am sure as today is his birthday, that he is your Guardian Angel and is watching out for you and guiding you thru your life.

    What a terrific Dad you have!

    Happy Birthday Brian Andrew Burpee. We love and miss you every day. <3

  2. Kerry
     ·  Reply

    You have a wonderful way with words…and after reading this, the teacher in me is proud of your command of the English language and near flawless grammar. However, more importantly, the sister in me is proud of all you have accomplished and whole-heartedly believe that Dad is, too. While today marks one of the happiest days of my life, my wedding day, it also brings some sadness, as well. Truth be told, it’s usually much easier for me than July, but for the first time in years, I spent a good portion of my night in going through my “Dad box” in tears. I read cards of condolences, looked through pictures, and reread his eulogy. The important thing to remember is that he lives on through us and is with us every step of the way… xoxo

    p.s. You got me with the, “Yeah, one more time.”

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