Random Acts of Kindness

Earlier this month, a complete stranger made my day. While it may have seemed like a small gesture at the time, it was much more than that to me: it was a wonderful reminder of how capable people are of doing selfless things for each other.

It was a Saturday morning; just a few hours before I had to leave for a friend’s wedding in Newport, and after a Rent the Runway delivery disaster, I was without jewelry to match my backup dress. There are worse things that could happen, of course, but I thought I’d test my luck at the second hand shop on my street before getting on the highway.

As I walked in, the lady behind the counter noticed my fancy hair and attire and asked where I was headed. I filled her in on my dilemma, and moments later, she found the perfect necklace to complete my outfit. I was thrilled, and as I reached into my purse to grab my wallet, I said, “Please tell me you take cards!”

Well, I found out the hard way that they were cash only. Although I was pressed for time, I planned to quickly run to the ATM, and asked her to hold it for me until I returned. Rather than agreeing, she said, “No, just take it. You’ve been running around all day; it’s my gift to you. Have fun tonight!”

I was truly shocked to see such generosity from someone I had just met. Regardless of the price, she lost a sale to make my day a little bit easier, and that’s not something you see everyday. Since then I’ve mailed a check and thank you card to show my appreciation, but more importantly, I’ve really focused on paying it forward with hopes of bringing a smile to someone’s face the way she did for me.

Grabbing a coffee before work? Treat the person behind you as well. Volunteer your time to help those less fortunate. Hold doors. Smile at a stranger. It’s these little things – these random acts of kindness – that make all the difference. 

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  1. Emilie
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    What a great entry! Stories like this help restore my faith in humanity. What’s even nicer, is that you took the time to pay her back and send a thank you card. Kindness comes full circle 🙂

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