Amy + Chris: River Club Wedding | Scituate, MA

After their amazing engagement session in Concord last fall, I had little doubt this would be one of the best weddings yet — but Amy and Chris still somehow blew me away on their spring wedding day in May.

Held at The River Club in Scituate, MA, the weather was near perfect (not too hot, but the rain held off!) and as you’ll soon see, the amount of pure joy and emotion that they – and their entire families – had for and shared with each other was enough to make my office a little bit dusty as I was going through all of the images.

I truly feel honored to have been a part of The Mohan’s wedding day. These two have overcome some of life’s most unexpected curveballs together, and in the end came out with smiles on their faces bigger and more genuine than any I have ever seen before. In fact, it was enough for an employee at the venue to tell Amy she was the happiest, most beautiful bride he has ever seen — and he’s worked a lot of weddings! Once you see these photos, I don’t think you’ll will disagree.

Amy and Chris, THANK you for trusting me to capture your love. Wishing you an infinite amount of happy, healthy years ahead — I adore you both and wouldn’t be opposed if you had another wedding so I could do it again…but until then, here are some of my favorites:


RiverClubwedding_001 RiverClubwedding_002 RiverClubwedding_003 RiverClubwedding_004 RiverClubwedding_005 RiverClubwedding_006 RiverClubwedding_007 RiverClubwedding_008 RiverClubwedding_009 RiverClubwedding_010 RiverClubwedding_011 RiverClubwedding_012 RiverClubwedding_013 RiverClubwedding_014 RiverClubwedding_015 RiverClubwedding_016 RiverClubwedding_017 RiverClubwedding_018 RiverClubwedding_019 RiverClubwedding_020 RiverClubwedding_021 RiverClubwedding_022 RiverClubwedding_023 RiverClubwedding_024
RiverClubwedding_026 RiverClubwedding_027 RiverClubwedding_028 RiverClubwedding_029 RiverClubwedding_030 RiverClubwedding_031 RiverClubwedding_032
RiverClubwedding_034 RiverClubwedding_035 RiverClubwedding_036 RiverClubwedding_037 RiverClubwedding_038 RiverClubwedding_039 RiverClubwedding_040 RiverClubwedding_041 RiverClubwedding_042 RiverClubwedding_043 RiverClubwedding_044 RiverClubwedding_045 RiverClubwedding_046 RiverClubwedding_047 RiverClubwedding_048 RiverClubwedding_049 RiverClubwedding_050 RiverClubwedding_051 RiverClubwedding_052 RiverClubwedding_053 RiverClubwedding_054 RiverClubwedding_055 RiverClubwedding_056 RiverClubwedding_057 RiverClubwedding_058 RiverClubwedding_059 RiverClubwedding_060 RiverClubwedding_061 RiverClubwedding_062 RiverClubwedding_063 RiverClubwedding_064 RiverClubwedding_065 RiverClubwedding_066 RiverClubwedding_067 RiverClubwedding_068 RiverClubwedding_069 RiverClubwedding_070 RiverClubwedding_071 RiverClubwedding_072 RiverClubwedding_073 RiverClubwedding_074 RiverClubwedding_075 RiverClubwedding_076 RiverClubwedding_077 RiverClubwedding_078 RiverClubwedding_079 RiverClubwedding_080 RiverClubwedding_081 RiverClubwedding_082 RiverClubwedding_083 RiverClubwedding_084 RiverClubwedding_085 RiverClubwedding_086 RiverClubwedding_087 RiverClubwedding_088 RiverClubwedding_089 RiverClubwedding_090 RiverClubwedding_091 RiverClubwedding_092 RiverClubwedding_093 RiverClubwedding_094 RiverClubwedding_095 RiverClubwedding_096 RiverClubwedding_097 RiverClubwedding_098 RiverClubwedding_099 RiverClubwedding_100 RiverClubwedding_101 RiverClubwedding_102 RiverClubwedding_103 RiverClubwedding_104 RiverClubwedding_105 RiverClubwedding_106 RiverClubwedding_107 RiverClubwedding_108 RiverClubwedding_109 RiverClubwedding_110 RiverClubwedding_111 RiverClubwedding_112 RiverClubwedding_113 RiverClubwedding_114 RiverClubwedding_115 RiverClubwedding_116 RiverClubwedding_117 RiverClubwedding_118 RiverClubwedding_119 RiverClubwedding_120 RiverClubwedding_121 RiverClubwedding_122 RiverClubwedding_123 RiverClubwedding_124 RiverClubwedding_125 RiverClubwedding_126 RiverClubwedding_127 RiverClubwedding_128 RiverClubwedding_129 RiverClubwedding_130 RiverClubwedding_131 RiverClubwedding_132 RiverClubwedding_133

6 thoughts on “Amy + Chris: River Club Wedding | Scituate, MA”

  1. Chris Mohan
     ·  Reply

    You did an amazing job! Amy and I never had any doubt the pictures would be great and you still exceeded our expectations. From the engagement shoot until now, you have been truly amazing. We are both so lucky to have had such a great photography duo to capture every moment. We cannot thank you enough! I will HIGHLY recommend your company to anybody seeking photography needs.

  2. Marena Mohan
     ·  Reply

    These pictures are amazing

  3. Carol B
     ·  Reply

    My goosebumps have goosebumps..I love you both with all my heart.

  4. Debbie
     ·  Reply

    This gives me goosebumps!!! I knew I had a great time but holy moly! Thank you for capturing all the love of the day ?

  5. Lynne
     ·  Reply

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful bride.

  6. Amy Mohan
     ·  Reply

    Jenna…I honestly don’t think words can express how much we love the pictures! I have dreamed about my wedding day for a long time and due to life circumstances beyond my control I looked nothing like the bride I always pictured. The months leading up to the wedding I hoped I would feel beautiful again, cancer took that from me and I was devastated. Even on our wedding day I was plagued with worry that Chris would be disappointed when he saw me at the end of the aisle. Seeing his face in the pictures melted my heart as that was obviously not the case. Going through the pictures has brought me so much joy & healing, it is clear to see our wedding was more than I could have dreamed and that beauty has so little to do with appearance. Thank you to Nicole for capturing the precious moments I missed while Chris got ready. It was so fun seeing him preparing for our big day! Thank you both for capturing all the loving moments throughout the day. I am continuously blown away by your ability to capture such raw emotion through your camera lens. Anyone that knows me knows I have ridiculously high expectations and you far exceeded any I had as well as ones I didn’t know I had! Every time we look at the pictures, it’s like we get to relive this magical day over & over for years to come, and that is just about the best gift you can give someone, so thank you!

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