PCNE: Bell Ringer Awards 2014 | Event Photography

Last week I attended the Pub Club of New England‘s 46th Annual Bell Ringer Awards, an event that recognizes the most impressive work in the PR industry, for the first time in my PR career. It was a great experience, as I not only attended, but was fortunate enough to be asked to take on being the official photographer of the event.

I met a lot of people throughout the night, and was pleased to have the opportunity to cheer my March team on for the awards we won: a silver bell for a news release and a merit in the high-tech category. Congrats, all!

Hosted by David Wade, WBZ-TV news Anchor, the event was full of laughs. As this was his second time hosting, he did a wonderful job keeping the crowd interested, especially with the event selfie that helped raise additional funds for the Pan-Mass Challenge. I just so happened to get a shot of it all happening:


A fun time was had by all. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for next year, but in the meantime, here are a few other shots taken throughout the night. Feel free to take a look at the full gallery with the other images, and pass it along to anyone who might have attended and wants to tweet and post his/her photos, too!

BellRinger2014_web07 BellRinger2014_web11 BellRinger2014_web12 BellRinger2014_web14 BellRinger2014_web15 BellRinger2014_web21 BellRinger2014_web25 BellRinger2014_web29 BellRinger2014_web31 BellRinger2014_web38 BellRinger2014_web42 BellRinger2014_web44 BellRinger2014_web45 BellRinger2014_web46 BellRinger2014_web50 BellRinger2014_web54 BellRinger2014_web55 BellRinger2014_web58 BellRinger2014_web59 BellRinger2014_web78 BellRinger2014_web84 BellRinger2014_web85 BellRinger2014_web86

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