Laura + Jay | Couples Photography

When you’re photographing a love like theirs, it never truly feels like “work.”

I spent some time with Laura and Jay at their house last month, so I brought my camera…surprise, surprise. As first time home owners and not-so-new newlyweds (wow, time  flies!), I thought it’d make a nice setting to take some shots in their very own environment; a place they created together.

I’ve known Laura for 5+ years now, and we instantly became close friends. In fact, I had the honor of standing beside her at their wedding a few years ago. You know that friend you can confide in about anything? Life, school, work…you name it: she’s that kind of friend.

Jay, on the other hand, nicknamed me “Bacon” within weeks of us knowing each other because he didn’t understand how I could dislike bacon. Needless to say, I enjoyed his sarcastic sense of humor and approved of him right away.

And how could I forget Niles, their little fur child? He barks the second he sees me — every time — but never likes to leave their side. While I don’t think he was a fan of the camera or that I made false promises of treats to keep his eyes in my direction, it had to happen. Sorry, little guy, I hope you’ll forgive me!

Lastly, did I mention that my friends are incredible talented? Don’t forget to check out Jay’s band and studio, Defeater and Getaway Recording, and Laura’s blog, Laura is Imaginary.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from my visit. I hope you all enjoy them!

Maas_01 Maas_02 Maas_03 Maas_05 Maas_06 Maas_07 Maas_08 Maas_10 Maas_11 Maas_12 Maas_13

2 thoughts on “Laura + Jay | Couples Photography”

  1. Pamela Polomski
     ·  Reply


    Love these pics of my son and his beautiful wife Laura. Possible to purchase for framing?

    Pamela Polomski

  2. Jenna Burpee
     ·  Reply

    Hi Pamela,

    Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them! I’ll be sending Laura a link to download the high resolution files this weekend, and I’ve told her to make sure she forwards it on to you so you can make some prints. If you need help with printing, shoot me an email:, and I can give you my suggestions!

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