Kaley Rose: Dance Portraits | San Diego, CA

For those of you who know me personally, I spend a lot of time with my family. And as a photographer, that means I often get the chance to photograph my nieces and nephews — whom I happen to think are the most beautiful/adorable/best kids of all time.

In August, the whole crew took a family trip to California and I thought this would be the perfect setting for my oldest niece and goddaughter’s dance portraits. Kaley was interested in stepping away from the traditional studio shots and exploring outdoor, unique spots for this session. Since we were fortune enough to be staying right on the beach — with the ocean and palm trees surrounding us — we started there and got some really cool shots. We then did some more exploring and ended the session in the Old Town San Diego area to catch the sunset before dinner.

Fun fact: You might recognize Kaley from past projects because she was one of my first subjects for an assignment I had in an environmental portraiture course close to 10 years ago. While she was the cutest, leave-throwing little thing back then, fast forward to now and she is a stunning ballerina! This was such a fun shoot. Here are some of our favorites:

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9 thoughts on “Kaley Rose: Dance Portraits | San Diego, CA”

  1. Betty Patriquin
     ·  Reply

    You captured her beautifully.

  2. Barbara Gilmartin
     ·  Reply

    Stunning photos. Beautiful model, Kaley Rose

  3. Alexa
     ·  Reply

    I am obsessed with every single one of these! You’re amazing and Kaley is beautiful, put you guys together and this happens.????????????xoxo

  4. Kerry
     ·  Reply

    ditto to what Alexa said. Loooooove!

  5. Patti
     ·  Reply

    These moments are breath taking! Simply amazing!

  6. Love, Auntie Janice
     ·  Reply

    I don’t know who I am more in awe of, the photographer or her subject. Okay, I do, Kaley wins! No! I mean Jenna…no wait….Kaley! <<>> Well, there is one thing I AM sure of, and that is that I have two very talented and beautiful nieces! I love you both very much. Great job girls!!!

  7. Stephen
     ·  Reply

    Great photos is that Marina Del Rey by the rocks and water

  8. Donna/Nonna
     ·  Reply

    These photos are unforgettable!
    Kaley the perfect subject, remarkable! You have captured her essence!

  9. betty
     ·  Reply

    I am still in awe of both of you

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