Alexandra Grace Turns One | Birthday Cake Smash

It seems crazy to think that I was just taking her newborn photos; now little miss Alexandra Grace is an active, sassy, clever one-year-old! It’s true what they say: kids grow up in a blink of an eye.

Alex is growing quickly, nearly walking and loves exploring new things. In particular, I had the pleasure of capturing something new for her to explore in honor of her first birthday: CAKE! Her ‘birthday girl’ outfit was one of the cutest I’ve seen, and the range of emotion she shared during our session was unreal — from her serious face to the most innocent bits of laughter and happiness when she saw her parents and pictures of her big brother.

It was adorable to watch her go from lightly tapping the top of the cake to see what frosting is all about, to diving in full force once she realized just how delicious sugar is.

Are you ready for this cuteness (and sugary) overload? Here’s some of my favorites from Alex’s birthday cake smash:

BabyAlex_CakeSmash01 BabyAlex_CakeSmash02 BabyAlex_CakeSmash03 BabyAlex_CakeSmash04 BabyAlex_CakeSmash05 BabyAlex_CakeSmash06 BabyAlex_CakeSmash07 BabyAlex_CakeSmash08 BabyAlex_CakeSmash09 BabyAlex_CakeSmash10 BabyAlex_CakeSmash11 BabyAlex_CakeSmash12 BabyAlex_CakeSmash13 BabyAlex_CakeSmash14 BabyAlex_CakeSmash15 BabyAlex_CakeSmash16

3 thoughts on “Alexandra Grace Turns One | Birthday Cake Smash”

  1. Roberta
     ·  Reply

    These pictures are GREAT. Love seeing your pictures of this little one as she grows. It makes me feel like I know her even though I am distant family. The Synnott name goes on and she is a very special little girl just as ALL Synnott children are special to our family.

  2. Karla
     ·  Reply

    Alex, is beautiful and the photos are just perfect. I look forward to seeing more .

  3. Patricia
     ·  Reply

    I just cannot say enough great things about these photos! I am completely in love with every single shot. Jenna, you were extremely professional, creative, patient and made Alex’s cake smash photo shoot so much fun! Our daughter is so beautiful, so vibrant and so fun loving and you were able to capture her perfectly. Al and I can’t thank you enough!!

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