Jordy + Andrew: The Engagement Session They Never Had | Couples Photography

The story behind Jordy and Andrew is an exciting one to share. While it may remind you of something you saw in a movie, I can promise that it’s 100% factual.

I’m willing to bet that these two never thought their St. Maarten vacation in 2005 would result in a relationship, but that is exactly how they met. After a few drinks, Jordy found the courage to pull Andrew onto the dance floor, and the rest was history.

Nearly 10 years later, they are happily married and living in their first home together. How great is that?

Jordy and Andrew are two of the most creative people I know, so it came as no surprise when I arrived to see that they created an adorable “set” in their backyard. Each item was sentimental to them in someway, and I quite enjoy the look these personal touches bring to the images.

As they never had an engagement session prior to their intimate herb lyceum wedding last September, they thought it’d be a fun twist to do a post-wedding photo session to create memories in the space they have so perfectly created with each other.

As you’ll see, we spent some time exploring the beautiful marsh in their backyard before the rain interrupted and we had to move inside. Of all their shots, I think the kitchen one is my favorite!

Without further ado, here they are:


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4 thoughts on “Jordy + Andrew: The Engagement Session They Never Had | Couples Photography”

  1. Andrew
     ·  Reply

    We can’t thank our good friend Jenna Burpee and her pet camera for taking the time to shoot these lovely shots of us. We never had an engagement shoot, so this whole experience was really exciting for us. Jenna you are a gifted photographer – you had a camera in your hand the first time we met, and we are so thankful to you for these beautiful shots that capture our personalities perfectly. Thank you!

    • Jenna Burpee
       ·  Reply

      Thank you so much, Andrew! I assure you the pleasure was all mine. I also love that you recall our first encounter — camera and all. 🙂

  2. Jordy
     ·  Reply

    Oh Jenna! We can’t thank you enough for taking these beautiful pictures of us at our favorite place, Our Home. I cannot wait to add these to our album of memories and frame them on our walls! You are so so talented and I look forward to seeing your other photo shoots! Many thanks !

    • Jenna Burpee
       ·  Reply

      As you know, I had an absolute blast and was thrilled to be able to incorporate your first home into the shoot. It truly was a perfect day; thank you for letting me share the memories with you!

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