The Pride Family | Christmas Mini Session

I had the pleasure of doing a Christmas mini session with the Pride family for my last shoot of the year. They were in the market for a nice family photo with their happy-go-lucky pup, Jake, as using the timer just wasn’t cutting it for them anymore.

After taking a few inside with their Christmas tree, we had a blast chasing Jake around, playing in the yard and giving belly rubs. You might be wondering how we were able to take the session outside — in short sleeves, nonetheless — in December in New England. We were lucky to have scheduled for one of the unusually warm days around the holidays!

Here are some of my favorites:

PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits01 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits02 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits03 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits04 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits05 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits06 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits07 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits08 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits09 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits10 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits11 PrideFamilyChristmasPortraits12

One thought on “The Pride Family | Christmas Mini Session”

  1. Jo Pride
     ·  Reply

    Thank you so much for taking your time and waiting around till Jake decided to cooperate. You managed to capture his personality perfectly. We both love the pictures so much. You did an amazing job and we could not be happier with the results. Looking forward to a full Summer session with you.
    Thank you again

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