Tim + Lori | Cape Cod Wedding Photography

There is nothing quite like a Cape Cod wedding.

This was a special wedding for me, as Tim was my camp counselor in grade school, believe it or not — Sorry, Tim! It’s crazy that now, years later, our paths crossed again and I had the honor of photographing one of the most important days of his life.

Tim and Lori tied the knot at the beautiful Truro Vineyards, and their wedding day was one of the best days of the year. With great weather and even better views, they were surrounded by friends and family as they said ‘I do’ underneath a Chinese mulberry tree — even their little fur child, Hank, made it for the occasion!

The love the Morrison’s have for each other is truly heartwarming, and I’m so glad they chose me to capture it for them. Here are some of my favorites:

CapeCodWeddingPhotography01 CapeCodWeddingPhotography02 CapeCodWeddingPhotography03 CapeCodWeddingPhotography04 CapeCodWeddingPhotography05 CapeCodWeddingPhotography06 CapeCodWeddingPhotography07 CapeCodWeddingPhotography08 CapeCodWeddingPhotography09 CapeCodWeddingPhotography10 CapeCodWeddingPhotography11 CapeCodWeddingPhotography12 CapeCodWeddingPhotography13 CapeCodWeddingPhotography14 CapeCodWeddingPhotography15 CapeCodWeddingPhotography16 CapeCodWeddingPhotography17 CapeCodWeddingPhotography18 CapeCodWeddingPhotography19 CapeCodWeddingPhotography20 CapeCodWeddingPhotography21 CapeCodWeddingPhotography22 CapeCodWeddingPhotography23 CapeCodWeddingPhotography24 CapeCodWeddingPhotography25 CapeCodWeddingPhotography26 CapeCodWeddingPhotography27 CapeCodWeddingPhotography28 CapeCodWeddingPhotography29 CapeCodWeddingPhotography30 CapeCodWeddingPhotography31 CapeCodWeddingPhotography32 CapeCodWeddingPhotography33 CapeCodWeddingPhotography34 CapeCodWeddingPhotography35 CapeCodWeddingPhotography36 CapeCodWeddingPhotography37 CapeCodWeddingPhotography38 CapeCodWeddingPhotography39 CapeCodWeddingPhotography40 CapeCodWeddingPhotography41 CapeCodWeddingPhotography42 CapeCodWeddingPhotography43 CapeCodWeddingPhotography44 CapeCodWeddingPhotography45 CapeCodWeddingPhotography46 CapeCodWeddingPhotography47 CapeCodWeddingPhotography48 CapeCodWeddingPhotography49 CapeCodWeddingPhotography50 CapeCodWeddingPhotography51 CapeCodWeddingPhotography52 CapeCodWeddingPhotography53 CapeCodWeddingPhotography54 CapeCodWeddingPhotography55 CapeCodWeddingPhotography56 CapeCodWeddingPhotography57 CapeCodWeddingPhotography58 CapeCodWeddingPhotography59

6 thoughts on “Tim + Lori | Cape Cod Wedding Photography”

  1. Donna Phelan
     ·  Reply

    Absolutely AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, your picture perfect eye, and for being part of this beautiful day! Your photos are spectacular and we could not be happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xoxo <3

    • Aimee Derochers
       ·  Reply

      Gorgeous photos!!!! You did an amazing job !

  2. colleen morrison
     ·  Reply

    Sara you did a spectacular job capturing a spectacular day!!!!

  3. colleen morrison
     ·  Reply

    Oh I’m soo bad,your name is not Sara. Jenna I’m sooo sorry,you still did a spectacular job!!!!!

  4. Barbara Campbell
     ·  Reply

    Although the I only know Lori and Tim from afar, I felt that I was just at their wedding. Thanks for sharing the wonderful day.

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