The Hunt Family | Audrey’s First Birthday Cake Smash

It seems like our last session was just yesterday, but here I am, posting the final milestone session: I can’t believe little miss Audrey is officially one today!

Looking back at the last year of photos, it went by so quickly — I can only imagine how Susan and Steve are feeling as they celebrate their little girl’s first birthday. Looking at the transformation side-by-side, it’s so exciting to see how the Hunt family has grown. It has been an absolute honor to capture these special moments and stages of life for such great friends.

For Audrey’s 1-year-old photo session, we were able to take it back to where we started — out in the yard with the sun shining — to get a few nice shots in her birthday outfit before we brought her inside for her cake smash. The expressions she made while being introduced to mounds of frosting for the first time were flawless. Mom, dad and her godmother even joined in the fun (well, when she was willing to share with them, that is!)

I’m so pleased to be able to share some of my favorites with you today, including a quick trip down memory lane with a family photo from each session during the last year.

Happy birthday, Audrey! Here’s to many more years of laughs, smiles and sprinkles, of course:



AudreyCakeSmash_Color02 AudreyCakeSmash_Color04 AudreyCakeSmash_Color08 AudreyCakeSmash_Color13 AudreyCakeSmash_Color17 AudreyCakeSmash_Color20 AudreyCakeSmash_Color22 AudreyCakeSmash_Color25 AudreyCakeSmash_Color31 AudreyCakeSmash_Color34 AudreyCakeSmash_Color38 AudreyCakeSmash_Color43 AudreyCakeSmash_Color45 AudreyCakeSmash_Color47 AudreyCakeSmash_Color51 AudreyCakeSmash_Color53 AudreyCakeSmash_Color55 AudreyCakeSmash_Color56 AudreyCakeSmash_Color57 AudreyCakeSmash_Color58 AudreyCakeSmash_Color63 AudreyCakeSmash_Color66 AudreyCakeSmash_Color67 AudreyCakeSmash_Color68 AudreyCakeSmash_Color72 AudreyCakeSmash_Color75 AudreyCakeSmash_Color77 AudreyCakeSmash_Color78 AudreyCakeSmash_Color80 AudreyCakeSmash_Color83 hun

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  1. Susan Hunt
     ·  Reply

    Oh my goodness, reading this last blog and looking at all the photos brings me back to those exact days, and the family comparisons you had side by side brought tears to my eyes! I’m so glad we planned the milestones and that you were able to capture our beautiful little girl each moment in time with your talented eye! Thank you Jenna xo

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