Dennis + Victoria | New York Wedding Photography

Dennis and Victoria’s wedding this summer was certainly one for the books. I was actually a guest at the wedding — but, of course, I couldn’t fathom seeing two of my closest friends get married without having a camera in hand.

The day was truly perfect: amazing weather at a gorgeous venue; delicious food and refreshing drinks; and, of course, a constantly packed dance floor. In fact, there was even a chair lifting! And, no, neither the bride or groom is Jewish — needless to say, a great time was had by all.

Above all, though, it was the ceremony that really took the cake. With a breathtaking view overlooking the Hudson River, Denn and Vic proclaimed their love for one another with personalized vows, sharing such a special moment surrounded by loved ones. Their eyes locked on one another nearly the entire time, the ceremony was quite sentimental and it was clear that they had found in each other their happily ever after.

For those of you who would like to see all of the photos, which can be downloaded and shared individually, make sure to take a look at the full gallery.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some of my favorites. #vanddforever: DowdWedding001 DowdWedding003 DowdWedding014 DowdWedding016 DowdWedding019 DowdWedding020 DowdWedding021 DowdWedding023 DowdWedding027 DowdWedding065 DowdWedding067 DowdWedding074 DowdWedding075 DowdWedding082 DowdWedding084 DowdWedding087 DowdWedding089 DowdWedding096 DowdWedding102 DowdWedding126

DowdWedding115 DowdWedding134 DowdWedding135 DowdWedding137

DennVic DowdWedding147 DowdWedding148

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  1. Victoria Licata Dowd
     ·  Reply

    These pictures are so beautiful and the fact that one of our closest friends took them means so much to us. You captured some moments that we would never have been able to look back on had you not been there. We love you!

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